Edward Burlingame Hill's Divertimento

Edward Burlingame Hill was a professor at Harvard from 1908 to 1940 and taught some of the greats such as Leonard Bernstein, Roger Sessions, Elliott Carter, Walter Piston and Virgil Thomson. WIKIPEDIA HILL Bio Retired University of Texas music librarian Karl Miller found a diamond in the rough that was left undiscovered for over 70 years in the Harvard Music Library! Dr. Miller, a champion of neglected composers, brought the works of Mr. Hill to the attention of Austin Symphony Orchestra Music Director Peter Bay some years ago. Peter, also a champion of new as well as neglected music, thought it would be meaningful to record these pieces to showcase this great American composer's work that had been forgotten. Edward Burlingame Hill's music takes a little from the Impressionist composers, the Gershwin era and the Romantic period and blends them into attractive tonal sounds. In 1926, of Hill’s “Divertimento,” the New York Herald Tribune dubbed the short piece a flirtation with “jazzarella,” saying, “We wanted to hear more of it." Download from amazon.com: Edward Burlingame Hill divertimento Read about the entire project here courtesy of the Austin American-Statesman...Austin Symphony

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