William Boyce (composer) (1711–1779), English-born composer and Master of the King's Musick

William Boyce (baptised 11 September 1711 – d. 7 February 1779) was an English composer and organist. Boyce is known for his set of eight symphonies, his anthems and his odes. Boyce was largely forgotten after his death and he remains a little-performed composer today, although a number of his pieces were rediscovered in the 1930s and Constant Lambert edited and sometimes conducted his works. His only son, also William Boyce (25 March 1764 – 1824), was a professional double bass player.[4] On the 7 February 1779 Boyce died from an attack of gout. He was buried under the dome of St Paul's cathedral. WIKIPEDIA

 VIDEO: William Boyce - 8 Symphonies (The English Concert, Trevor Pinnock, 1987)

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