William Baines - Symphony in C-minor, Op.10 (1917)

William Baines (26 March 1899 - 6 November 1922) was an English pianist and composer. He wrote more than 150 works for solo piano and a number of larger orchestral works before his premature death from tuberculosis at the age of 23. His Seven Preludes from 1919 are considered to be amongst his finest compositions. His Symphony in C Minor was premiered by the Airedale Symphony Orchestra at the Grassington Festival in 1991. WIKIPEDIA Bio

 VIDEO: Work: Symphony in C-minor, Op.10 (1917) Mov.I 00:00 Mov.II 09:44 Mov.III 20:17 Mov.IV 28:29 Orchestra: Airdale Symphony Orchestra Conductor: George Kennaway.

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