Edward Burlingame Hill Symphony No 4

Edward Burlingame Hill forms a link in the development of American classical music. He studied under one of the preeminent American composers of the late 19th century, John Knowles Pain at Harvard, In turn, as a Harvard professor himself, taught the next two generations of American composers, including Leonard Bernstein, Walter Piston, Virgil Thomson, Roger Sessions and Elliott Carter.Hill's Symphony No. 4, completed in 1941 is a good example of American neo-classicism. This 30-minute work follows the general symphonic form, but this is no Brahms knock-off. Once again, Hill's orchestration and strong rhythms reminded me of Martinu. The lush harmonies of the slow movement, though, brought to mind the music of of another mid-century composer -- Eric Korngold. That's not to say Hill is derivative -- he just happened to be writing in a similar vein.==={by DCD Records}


Story of Austin Symphony's Edward Burlingame Hill CD ...VIDEO: Austin Symphony's Music Director and Conductor, Peter Bay [photo above, right], narrates the story behind their first ever commercial CD featuring the music of American composer, Edward Burlingame Hill...

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