Franz Ignaz Beck (Mannheim, February 20, 1734 – Bordeaux, December 31, 1809) Symphonies, Op 1

Franz Ignaz Beck was a German violinist, composer, conductor and music teacher who spent the greater part of his life in France, where he became director of the Bordeaux Grand Théâtre. Possibly the most talented pupil of Johann Stamitz, Beck is an important representative of the second generation of the so-called Mannheim school. His fame rests on his 24 symphonies that are among the most original and striking of the pre-Classical period. He was one of the first composers to introduce the regular use of wind instruments in slow movements and put an increasing emphasis on thematic development. His taut, dramatic style is also remarkable for its employment of bold harmonic progressions, flexible rhythms and highly independent part writing. Six Symphonies Op. 1 (Callen 1-6; publ. Paris 1758) WIKIPEDIA BIO

 VIDEO: Franz Ignaz Beck (1734~1809) Sinfonia in E-flat major, Op. 1 No. 4 00:00 I. Allegro assai 02:49 II. Andante 07:02 III. Presto New Zealand Chamber Orchestra / Donald Armstrong 

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