Dussek Piano Concerto in Bb Op 22

After fleeing the French Revolution in 1789, Bohemian born Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760-1812) spent 10 years in London. In the words of Haydn, "the most honest, politest, and the most excellent man among all composers" became renowned as a concert pianist and as a composer. The first performer to sit with his profile to the audience, he developed a fruitful friendship with the piano builder John Broadwood, receiving one of the very first 5½ octave instruments ever made. He was a piano virtuoso and a highly popular composer, although his music rapidly fell into obscurity. But was somewhat revived in the late nineteenth century. WIKIPEDIA

 VIDEO: Jan ladislav Dusík (Dussek) Piano Concerto in B flat major Op.22, Andreas Staier

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