Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Oboe Concerto

Ralph Vaughan Williams wrote his Concerto in A minor for Oboe and Strings for soloist Léon Goossens in 1944. This pastoral piece is divided into three movements: Rondo Pastorale (Allegro moderato) Minuet and Musette (Allegro moderato) Scherzo (Presto - Doppio più lento - Lento - Presto) The concerto was intended to premiere at a Proms concert, but due to the threat of V1 rocket raids on London the piece was first played in Liverpool instead, on 30 September 1944 in a concert by the Liverpool Philharmonic that also included the Oboe Concerto by the soloist's brother, Eugène Goossens


VIDEO: International Fund for cultural development ART NOUVELLE presents: ALEX KLEIN in ST. PETERSBURG STATE CAPELLA 12th of April 2013 The Symphony Orchestra The conductor - ALEX KLEIN The soloist -- ALEX KLEIN (oboe) 

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