Don Banks (1923-1980) : Coney Island, for orchestra (c. 1960)

Donald (Don) Oscar Banks (1923-1980) was an Australian composer who is probably best known for his ‘serious’ compositions However, his career included considerable contributions to the worlds of jazz, commercial recordings and film music. His musical mentors included Milton Babbitt, Luigi Dallapiccola and Luigi Nono. When in London, he studied with the exiled Hungarian composer, Mátyás Seiber. It was through Seiber that he was introduced to the world of film music – specialising in cartoons and Hammer Horror films. Many folk will have heard Don Banks’ music without recognising the name or his wider interests. Don Banks’ vision of Coney Island suggests all the romance of a day at Coney Island -probably in the nineteen-fifties. John France 

VIDEO: Don Banks (1923-1980) (Australie) Coney Island, for orchestra (c. 1960) Dir : Douglas Gamley

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