Arthur Bliss: Christopher Columbus Suite arr: Adriano

Sir Arthur Edward Drummond Bliss, photo left. (2 August 1891 – 27 March 1975) was an English composer and conductor. BLISS BIO WIKIPEDIA Arthur Bliss' Christopher Columbus, Suite from film score (1949) (arr. Swiss-born conductor-composer Adriano, photo above.  BIO) Christopher Columbus (Suite): Overture 2. Christopher Columbus (Suite):

The Commission 3. Christopher Columbus (Suite): Do€a Beatriz 4. Christopher Columbus (Suite): Struggles 5. Christopher Columbus (Suite): The Messenger 6. Christopher Columbus (Suite): The Voyage begins 7. Christopher Columbus (Suite): Mutiny 8. Christopher Columbus (Suite): Land at last! 9. Christopher Columbus (Suite): Columbus put into chains 10. Christopher Columbus (Suite): Return to Spain

 In the November/December 1949 issue of Film Music, the composer revealed in a more serious vein that he found the film extremely interesting from the musical standpoint, but that it was "difficult with American and English actors to suggest the atmosphere of Spain - that is what the music has to do - so I have tried using Spanish idioms, and tunes akin to those of Spain which convey the feeling and atmosphere of the age in which Columbus set forth from Spain". Bliss himself never made a suite of Columbus, though he allowed the Rank Organisation to issue a promotional 10" 78 rpm disc of The Voyage Begins and Return to Spain.

VIDEO: "Christopher Columbus - Suite: I. Alla polacca" by City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra/Marcus Dods

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