Arthur Butterworth Symphony No 2

Arthur Eckersley Butterworth, MBE (4 August 1923, New Moston – 20 November 2014, Embsay) was an English composer, conductor, trumpeter and teacher. Butterworth was born in New Moston, near Manchester. His father was secretary of the local church choir. His mother played the piano and Butterworth himself sang in the choir. For the grand entrance fee of sixpence, young Butterworth attended Hallé concerts and volunteered for the village brass band who allocated him the trombone. While still a teenager he played with the noted band at Besses o' th' Barn and started taking conducting lessons. While playing with the band, he caught his trombone in tram tracks and, discouraged by the accident, changed to the trumpet. WIKIPEDIA When Hallé Orchestra and was planning the celebration of its centenary he was to write a new Symphony for that centenary. Butterworth had almost eight years, 1957 to 1965, to write this work. He noted, I had not realised at that time that the forthcoming 100th season would begin in October 1964 (not 1965!) so I had to get a move on and make sure it was ready in time. The premiere of his Second Symphony was given at Bradford’s St. George’s Hall on Friday October 30 1964. VIDEO: Arthur Butterworth (1923-2014) (GB) Symphony No. 2 (1964) Dir : Arthur Butterworth BBC Scottish Orchestra

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