LIEUWEN Concerto for cello (2012)


 Peter Lieuwen was born in Utrecht in The Netherlands, but spent his childhood in New Mexico. His music is often inspired by nature and legend, and highlights rhythmic elements drawing on jazz, non-western music, and minimalism. Lieuwen’s compositions have been performed and recorded throughout North America and Europe. Lieuwen has garnered awards from Musicians Accord, The Contemporary Record Society, The League of Composers - ISCM, and Meet the Composer, as well as several honors from the Arts Council of Wales. Lieuwen is currently a member of the faculty at Texas A&M University. Written for cellist Nicholas Jones, in 2012, the Cello Concerto offers lively syncopation derived from jazz and rock music, impressionistic harmonies and minimalist textures.

 VIDEO: Cello Concerto I: World premiere performance at Musicfest 2012 in Aberystwyth, Wales.

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