Vivaldi - Concerto for guitar and orchestra in D major

 The lute concerto in D major, RV 93, is one of four works featuring the solo lute written by Antonio Vivaldi. Vivaldi wrote the piece in the 1730s, a period in which he wrote two of his other works featuring the lute, the trios for violin and lute in G minor and C major. The concerto uses the lute primarily in a high register.The lute parts are written primarily as chords, and the lute player is intended to play arpeggios based on these chords. The piece also includes important parts for the violins.Today, Ben Salfield is one of the few lutenists to perform the concerto regularly in European concerts, and the concerto is usually played on guitar. Guitarist Steve Howe performed the second movement on guitar on the band's 2002 live album Symphonic Live, into which he incorporated a number of improvisations. It has also been performed on guitar by more classical soloists, such as John Christopher Williams. The piece is also sometimes played on mandolin. The concerto is played on the Ontario Parliament Network and is performed by Canadian guitarists Liona Boyd and Norbert Kraft. It has become the channel's classical staple. WIKIPEDIA VIDEO:

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