Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 14 in E-flat major, K. 449

The Piano Concerto No. 14 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, written in 1784, is a piano concerto in E-flat major, catalogued as K. 449. It is the first composition he entered into a notebook of his music he then kept for the next seven years, marking down main themes, dates of completion, and other important information. From this notebook we have the information that he finished the concerto on February 9. In the same year in succession he wrote several concertos, and in a letter to his father that May, wrote of the 15th and 16th concertos (in B flat and in D, KV. 450 and 451) that he "could not choose between them" but that "the one in E flat [No. 14] does not belong at all to the same category. It is one of a quite peculiar kind...". The 14th is regarded as being the first of the mature series of concertos Mozart wrote, and indeed, commentators such as Girdlestone and Hutchings valued it as one of the best, particularly as all three movements are of the highest standard. WIKIPEDIA

VIDEO: Murray Perahia English Chamber Orchestra 1975

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