HAYDN Oboe Concerto in C

The Oboe Concerto in C major, Hoboken number VIIg:C1, commonly attributed to Joseph Haydn, was most likely composed around 1790. Modern musicologists agree that Haydn did not write the concerto; rather, his brother, Michael Haydn, or a ghostwriter whom Haydn commissioned to meet the increasing demand for his music. Though commonly attributed to Haydn, the authorship of the concerto has come into dispute. Because Haydn's work was frequently requested by various third parties, Haydn eventually decided to hire ghostwriters or pass off his brother Michael Haydn's work as his own in order to make a better profit. Because of this practice, modern musicologists have had to use a variety of clues to deduce or make a probable assumption about who wrote Haydn's work. In the 1950s, Anthony van Hoboken included the concerto in his catalogue of Haydn's work. However, it is widely considered spurious. When Haydn's work list was discovered in 2008, the concerto was not included. The MGG and the Haynes Catalog of oboe music list the concerto as being the work of Ignaz Malzat Full performances last about 22 minutes

 VIDEO: Oboe concerto by J. Haydn. Live recorded on 17 June 2011. Kostadin Yotsov & Pazarjik Symphony Orchestra conducted by Christo Pavlov.

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