Giuliani Rossiniana No.1

Rossiniana is the name of two works, one by Mauro Giuliani, the other by Ottorino Respighi, both based on compositions by Gioachino Rossini. "Rossiniane" are a virtuoso variations cycle for the guitar based on themes by Rossini. One of the unique features of these Galant Classical compositions is that they were jointly composed by Giuliani, Paganinni (who was also an accomplished guitarist), and Rossini himself at Rossini's villa. Mauro Giuliani (who died in 1829) alone is formally credited with composing the six sets of jointly composed variations for guitar on themes by Rossini, Opp. 119–124 (c. 1820–1828). Each set was called "Rossiniana", and collectively they are called "Rossiniane". This was the first known tribute by one composer to another using a title with the ending -ana. Giuliani's achievements as a composer were numerous. Giuliani's 150 compositions for guitar with opus number constitute the nucleus of the nineteenth-century guitar repertory. He composed extremely challenging pieces for solo guitar as well as works for orchestra and Guitar-Violin and Guitar-Flute duos. Outstanding pieces by Giuliani include his three guitar concertos (op. 30-36 and 70); a series of six fantasias for guitar solo, op. 119-124, based on airs from Rossini operas and entitled the "Rossiniane." WIKIPEDIA

VIDEO: German guitarist Isabella Selder interprets Rossiniana No.1 op. 119 by Mauro Giuliani. This video was made in St. Stefan, Friedberg in September of 2011. Guitar: Nicolaus Wollf 2007


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