Vivaldi - Concerto grosso in d-minor, Op. 3 No. 11 RV 565 aka Concerto "L'estro Armonico"

L'Estro Armonico (Harmonic Inspiration), Op. 3, is a collection of twelve concertos for one, two and four violins written by Antonio Vivaldi in 1711. It augmented the reputation of Vivaldi as Il Prete Rosso (The Red Priest). Vivaldi scholar Michael Talbot described the set as "perhaps the most influential collection of instrumental music to appear during the whole of the eighteenth century". The collection was mostly put together in chronological order. These concerti are often called concerti grossi due to their use of a concertino-style ensemble (solo cello is often used). WIKIPEDIA

 VIDEO: Cyrilometodské dni 2010, Terchová, Záverečný koncert, Slovenský Komorný Orchester Bohdana Warchala, Ewald Danel, Rudolf Patrnčiak ml., Michaela Wdówkowá, Lujza Ďurišová

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