MOZART Piano Concerto No. 26 in D major, K. 537 aka "Coronation"

The Piano Concerto No. 26 in D major, K. 537, was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and completed on 24 February 1788. It is generally known as the "Coronation" Concerto. The traditional name associated with this work is not Mozart's own, nor was the work written on the occasion for which posterity has named it. Mozart remarks in a letter to his wife in April 1789 that he had just performed this concerto at court. But the nickname "Coronation" is derived from his playing of the work at the time of the coronation of Leopold II as Holy Roman Emperor in October 1790 in Frankfurt am Main.

 VIDEO: Piano Concerto No. 26 in D major, K 537, "Coronation" Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Orchestra: Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Conductor: Gerd Albrecht Soloist: Homero Francesh


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