CHAVEZ Symphony No. 4, subtitled Sinfonía romántica

Symphony No. 4, subtitled Sinfonía romántica (Romantic Symphony) is an orchestral composition by Carlos Chávez, composed in 1953. The score was commissioned by and is dedicated to the Louisville Orchestra, which premiered the work on 11 February 1953, conducted by the composer. After the first few performances, Chávez decided that the final movement, though sound in itself, was not satisfactory as a conclusion to this symphony. Consequently, he composed a new finale in October 1953, and published the original movement as a separate work, titled Baile (cuadro sinfónico) (Dance, Symphonic Picture) (Orbón 1987c, 80). WIKIPEDIA

 VIDEO: Carlos Chávez (1899-1978): Sinfonia n.4 "Sinfonía romántica" (1953). 1. Allegro 2. Molto lento Royal Philharmonic Orchestra diretta da Enrique Bátiz


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