RESPIGHI: Violin Concerto in A minor ("Concerto all'antica"), P. 75

There are more than two Respighi violin concertos... the unfinished A major, the A minor all'antica and the Gregoriano (P40 1903, unfinished; P75 of 1908, P135 of 1921) (also the Leggenda P036 and Humoreske P045 of 1902 (both pub. by Ricordi), and the Poema autunnale - also not a concerto, in name- of 1925, pub.1926). This Violin Concerto in A minor ("Concerto all'antica"), P. 75 had its premiere in 1908, a date which gives Respighi the status of forerunner among the neo-classicist composers of the twentieth century. The Concerto all'Antica is an original work conceived in line with the Baroque concerto grosso in mind, but it lacks a strongly individual character, and the work has failed to become part of the repertoire. - Notes partially from description by Hector Bellman. 
 The meaning of the term all'antica when applied to art and architecture, is that which 'imitates the style of the ancients.

 VIDEO: Ottorino Respighi (1879-1936): Concerto all'antica per violino e orchestra (P. 75) (1908). I. Allegro II. Adagio non troppo [12:45] III. Scherzo, Vivace tempo di Minuetto [21:30] Andrea Cappelletti, violino Philharmonia Orchestra diretta da Matthias Bamert.


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