Haydn - Symphony No. 48 In C Major 'Maria Theresa'

The Symphony No. 48 in C major, Hoboken I/48, is a symphony by Joseph Haydn written in 1768 or 1769. The work has the nickname Maria Theresia as it was long thought to have been composed for a visit by the Holy Roman Empress, Maria Theresa of Austria in 1773. An earlier copy dated 1769 was later found, but the nickname has stuck. The symphony composed for the empress's visit was most likely No. 50.[1][2] H. C. Robbins Landon has described this symphony as a "great and indeed germinal work." It was one of the very few Haydn symphonies of this period to survive throughout the nineteenth century in various editions.

VIDEO: J. Haydn - Hob I:48 - Second version - Symphony No. 48 in C major "Maria Theresa" 

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