SCHUMANN Overture, Scherzo and Finale

The Overture, Scherzo and Finale (German: Ouverture, Scherzo und Finale) in E major is a work for symphony orchestra by Robert Schumann. It is his opus 52, and was written in 1841. Schumann originally considered it his second symphony. The work is in three movements The Overture, Scherzo and Finale was received warmly by critics, and was revised in 1845 and published the next year, with a dedication to Johannes Verhulst. a Dutch composer and conductor. WIKIPEDIA

VIDEO: Robert SCHUMANN Overture, Scherzo and Finale, Op.52 1. Overture - 00.05 2. Scherzo - 07.13 3. Finale - 11.30 Sinfonietta Sofia Orchestra conducted by Christo Pavlov New Concert Hall, 01 Oct 2011 Sofia, Bulgaria

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