FINZI Five Bagatelles Op 15

Finzi discussed publication of the Bagatelles with Leslie Boosey (co-founder of Boosey & Hawkes) the latter wanted to print them separately; however, the composer stuck to his belief that they should be published together, and won the argument, albeit with the compromise that he would add a fast additional movement, following comments after the premiere that a quick finale was needed. When published in July 1945 the Five Bagatelles rapidly became Finzi’s most popular work, the initial print run selling-out within a year. However, their success vexed Finzi – ‘they are only trifles’ – he complained, and ‘not worth much, but got better notices than my decent stuff’. Firmly within the capabilities of amateur musicians and students, though, they have remained a staple part of the clarinet repertoire and ‘set pieces’ for examination boards.


 Gerald Finzi - Five Bagatelles for Clarinet and Piano

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