CHOPIN Allegro de concert Op 46

Frédéric Chopin's Allegro de concert, Op. 46, is a piece for piano, published in November 1841. It is in one movement and takes between 11 and 15 minutes to play. The principal themes are bold and expressive. It has a curious place in the Chopin canon, and while its history is obscure, the evidence supports the view, shared by Robert Schumann and others, that it started out as the first movement of a projected third piano concerto, of which the orchestral parts are either now non-existent or were never scored at all. There is no evidence that Chopin ever even started work on the latter movements of this concerto. Chopin published his two piano concertos in 1830. That same year he wrote that he was planning a concerto for two pianos and orchestra, and would play it with his friend Tomasz Napoleon Nidecki if he managed to finish it. He worked on it for some months but he had the greatest difficulty with it, and this work never eventuated; however, he may have used ideas from it in later works. There seems to be no record of its first public performance at all. (Claude Debussy played it at the Paris Conservatoire in July 1879.[9]) The work received one of its rare public performances at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in the early 1980s as the opening work for a 'quasi orchestral' solo piano recital by British pianist Mark Latimer


VIDEO: Christmas Concert on deceber 8th 2010 at Carlos Gomes Theater, Blumenau, Brazil. I played Chopin's Allegro de Concert op.46, a relatively unknown and rarely played masterpiece of the composer, as a celebration for his 200th birthday. I didn't have much time to practice it, so there are some issues that I surely intend to enhance in the future. But, for now, that's what I got. I hope you enjoy it. Comments welcome, as always! 

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