Sibelius Karelia Suite Op 11

The Karelia Suite (originally titled Karelia Music), Op. 11, is a collection of orchestral pieces composed by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The suite is one of Sibelius's earlier works and remains one of his most popular. He held the Karelia province in particular affection. In earlier years he had found stimulus in its folk music, and later he was to spend his honeymoon there. The rough-hewn character of the music was deliberate: the aesthetic intention was not to dazzle with technique but to capture the quality of "naive," folk-based authenticity. Historical comments have noted the nationalistic character of the music. The movements in this suite are all borrowed from the Karelia Music tableau music he was commissioned to write in 1893 for the Viipuri Student's Association for a "lottery to promote the education of the people of Vyborg Province" in the Imperial Alexander University in Viipuri, Karelia. The tableau music was premiered 13 November 1893 with Sibelius conducting. However, the behaviour of the audience was far from ideal. As Sibelius noted later, You couldn't hear a single note of the music — everyone was on their feet cheering and clapping.


 VIDEO:Jean Sibelius Karelia suite Op 11 Radio Kamer Filharmonie Michael Schønwandt


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