Sibelius Tapiola, Op112

Tapiola (literally, "Realm of Tapio"), Op. 112, is a tone poem by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, written in 1926. It was the product of a commission from Walter Damrosch for the New York Philharmonic Society. Tapiola portrays Tapio, the animating forest spirit mentioned throughout the Kalevala, lurking behind the stark Finnish pine-forests that enveloped Sibelius's isolated home Ainola outside Järvenpää. It was premiered by Walter Damrosch and the New York Symphonic Society on 26 December 1926. Tapiola was Sibelius's last major work, though he lived for another thirty years. He began working on an Eighth Symphony, but he is said to have burned the sketches after becoming unhappy with the work.


VIDEO: Jean Sibelius Tapiola symphonic poem Op 112, Paavo Berglund Finnish RSO

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