Glazunov Symphony No 8 in Eb Op 83

Op. 83: Symphony No. 8 in E-flat major (1905-1906) Glazunov was acknowledged as a great prodigy in his field and, with the help of his mentor and friend Rimsky-Korsakov, finished some of Alexander Borodin's great works, the most famous being the Third Symphony and the opera Prince Igor, including the popular Polovtsian Dances. He reconstructed the overture from memory, having heard it played on the piano only once. By the time Glazunov wrote his Seventh Symphony, his duties at the Conservatory had slowed his rate of composition.[30] After his Eighth Symphony, his heavy drinking may have started taking a toll on his creativity, as well. He sketched one movement of a Ninth Symphony but left the work unfinished.


VIDEO: Glazunov: Symphony No. 8 in E flat major, Op. 83 (Anissimov, Moscow Symphony Orchestra)


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