BEETHOVEN Trio in Eb, Op 70, No 2

Opus 70 is a set of two Piano Trios by Ludwig van Beethoven, written for piano, violin, and cello. Both trios were composed during Beethoven's stay at Countess Marie von Erdödy's estate, and both are dedicated to her for her hospitality. They were published in 1809. These pieces are representative of Beethoven's "Middle" stylistic period, which went from roughly 1803 to 1812, and which included many of his most famous works.


 VIDEO: Trio Cleonice, the current ensemble in New England Conservatory's prestigious Professional Piano Trio Training Program directed by Vivian Hornik Weilerstein performs Beethoven: Piano Trio in E-flat major, Op. 70, no. 2. Recorded live in Jordan Hall on March 14, 2013.

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