Variations On a Nursery Song Op 25 of E Von Dohnanyi

  • Dohnanyi 'Variations On a Nursery Song' Op 25

    There is a composer's tounge in cheek dramatic introduction to this very
    simple piano concerto. A melodic variation on a Nursey Song composed by
    Ernst Von Dohnanyi in 1918. He played the work at it's FP in Berlin on February 17, 1924. He
    dedicated the work to the enjoyment of lovers of humor and to the annoyance of others. The tune is known by music lovers everywhere, Mozart used it for a set of piano variations in 1778. The Dohnanyi orchestral version is known for it's humor and wit. MORE

  • .Ernö Dohnányi: Variations on a Nursery Song; Konzertstück for cello; Piano Concerto No. 2 [Hybrid SACD]    Search for Ernst von Dohnányi Nursery Song

    The native form of this personal name is Dohnányi, Ernő. This article uses the Western name order.
    Ernő Dohnányi aka the German form of his name Ernst von Dohnányi for most of his published compositions.
    Ernő Dohnányi (July 27, 1877 – February 9, 1960) was a Hungarian conductor, composer, and pianist. Composer and pianist. Ernst von Dohnanyi, is best known for the Variations on a Nursery Song. He taught at Florida State in the 1950s. The Dohnányi family was ennobled by Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Hungary. MORE. | Search for Ernst von Dohnányi

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