Sonata in B-flat by Fasch

  • Fasch Sonata in B-flat for
    recorder, oboe, violin and continuo

    Johann Freidrich Fasch lived between 1688 and 1758. He was trained in
    Leipzig at the Thomaschule and his style is Bach-like, but much of his music
    was popular before
    Bach' fact Bach greatly admired Fasch's work and style and was
    influenced by his many suites and orchestral overtures.
    Pachelbel: Canon in D Major, Fasch: Concerto in D Major, Sinfonia in G Major, Sinfonia in A Major; Jean-Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra

    Johann Friedrich Fasch (15 April 1688 – 5 December 1758) was a German violinist and composer.
    Fasch was born in Buttelstedt, was a choirboy in Weissenfels and studied under Johann Kuhnau at the famous St. Thomas School in Leipzig and later founded a Collegium Musicum in that city. He then traveled throughout Germany, becoming a violinist in the orchestra in Bayreuth in 1714 and holding court posts in Greiz and Lukavec. In 1722 he was appointed Kapellmeister at Zerbst, a post he held until his death. Wikipedia
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