Requiem by Faure

  • Faure Requiem

  • Faure finished his 'Requiem Mass' in 1877. It was premiered on January
    16th, 1888. The orchestration was revised frequently.

    Faure was born in Pamiers, France on May 5th, 1845. He was interested
    in music at an early age. He taught himself to play the town organ. His
    father sent him to Paris to study music at the age of nine. Saint-Saens
    was his teacher and close friend and a major influence on Faure's
    development. Faure's career as a church organist was long and
    distinguished. He became increasingly deaf during the last 20 years of his
    life as director of the Paris Music Conservatory.

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  • Faure Requiem Op.48 / Durufle Requiem Op.9

    Gabriel Urbain Fauré (pronounced: "4-A")

  • (12 May 1845 – 4 November 1924) was a French composer, organist, pianist and teacher. He was one of the foremost French composers of his generation, and his musical style influenced many 20th century composers. Wikipedia | Search for Faure

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