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    Matinees Musicales Suite in 5 MMTS after Rossini Op 24.
    Commissioned for the American Ballet Co. Choreographed by George
    Balanchine. First performance 27 June 1941, Teatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro. American Ballet Company, Emanuel Balaban cond. First broadcast 23 December 1942, BBC Midland and Forces Programme. BBC Midland Light Orchestra, Rae Jenkins cond. This suite was written at the request of Lincoln Kirstein to form with Soirées musicales a ballet, Divertimento, for the American Ballet Company; this was produced in 1941 with choreography by Balanchine. The first movement is a re-orchestration of the third movement of the Rossini Suite of 1935.
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    Matinees musicales, Op. 24: II. NocturneBenjamin Britten: Piano Concerto; Soirées Musicales; Matinées Musicales

    Edward Benjamin Britten, Baron Britten of Aldeburgh, OM CH (22 November 1913 – 4 December 1976) was an English composer, conductor, and pianist. Showing prodigious talent from an early age – he composed his Quatre Chansons françaises for soprano and orchestra at the age of fourteen – he first came to public attention with the a cappella choral work A Boy Was Born. With the premiere of his opera Peter Grimes in 1945 he leapt to international fame, and for the next fifteen years he devoted much of his compositional attention to writing operas, several of which now appear regularly on international stages. Britten's interests as a composer were wide-ranging; he produced important music in such varied genres as orchestral, choral, solo vocal (much of it written for the tenor Peter Pears), chamber and instrumental, as well as film music. He also took a great interest in writing music for children and amateur performers, and was considered a fine pianist and conductor.

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