St. Polycarpi Sonata - Biber

  • Biber 'St.
    Polycarpi Sonata' Written for the collegiate Church of
    St. Mauritius to commemorate the feast day of the martyr
    Saint Polycarp.
    Biber lived, 1644 - 1704.

    Sonata Polycarpi

    Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber von Bibern (baptised 12 August, 1644 – died 3 May, 1704) was a Bohemian-Austrian composer and violinist. Born in the small Bohemian town of Wartenberg (Stráž pod Ralskem), Biber worked at Graz and Kroměříž before he illegally left his Kroměříž employer (Prince-Bishop Carl Liechtenstein-Castelcorno) and settled in Salzburg. He remained there for the rest of his life, publishing much of his music but apparently seldom, if ever, giving concert tours.

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