Swedish Rhapsody

Alfven's Swedish Rhapsody\

Hugo Emil Alfvén born May 1, 1872, died May 8, 1960. He was a Swedish composer, conductor, violinist, and painter. Alfven wrote five symphonies and a large amount of choral and orchestral music, none of which has had the lasting appeal of the folkmusic inspired 'Swedish Rhapsody'. It was premiered in Sweden in 1904 as 'A Midsummer Night's Vigil".The first rhapsody - Swedish Rhapsody No. 1, also known as Midsummer Vigil - was written in 1903 and is often simply called the "Swedish Rhapsody." It is the best-known piece composed by Hugo Alfvén, and also one of the best-known pieces of music in Sweden.

Alfven: Swedish Rhapsodies Nos. 1-3 / En Skargardssagen / Gustav II Adolf (Excerpt)Swedish Rhapsody No. 1, Op. 19 "Midsommarvaka"Swedish Orchestral Favourites

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